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Why I Hired a Life Coach

Why I Hired a Life Coach and How it Changed My Life

About a year and a half ago, I was speaking with one of my mentors from college, Michelle, about my future. I think she heard the worry in my voice, about raising the Twindigs and about what I will do after track and field. She mentioned that she knew a life coach, Kathy Gonzales, who… [read more]

GO Mommy GO! Modern Day Motherhood

Unplanned Pregnancy

Out of despair, HOPE: a story of an unplanned pregnancy

  In the fall of 2006, I had just moved into this BIG house in South Carolina and was doing really well. I had ended the season ranked #1 in the world and was poised to win gold at the World Championships the following year. I was making good money. My body was fit and… [read more]

Parenthood: It's not about the parents

I wanna be the Cool Mom, but it’s not about ME

  Yesterday, I came across a post talking about 10 Common Mistakes Parents Today Make and thought it made some really good points, especially when the author, Kari Kubiszyn Kampakis, discussed the importance of teaching our kids how to cope with adversity and preparing them for long-term happiness and success as opposed to trying to shield them… [read more]

GO Woman GO! Pursuing your Career

Mae Jemison on the Endeavor

Mae Jemison: Breaking Free from the Slavery of Normal

I love reading about famous women in history who have rocked the boat and defied the boundaries and limits society tries to put on them. For Black History Month, I want to talk about an incredible woman I didn’t even know about until I saw her picture and description on someone’s Instagram page last week.… [read more]

Leadership lessons: belief is powerful

Belief is Powerful: Leadership Lessons from My Mother

  I often get the question, “When did you realize you were fast?” It’s hard for me to answer…I feel like I’ve always known! Some people don’t take up track until they’re in high school and have great success. For me, I can’t ever remember NOT running. If you grow up in Los Angeles, it’s… [read more]

Healthy Lifestyle:

Choosing a bottled water

As an athlete, I am always trying to find ways to improve. And by improve, I don’t just mean get faster, although that is the ultimate goal. There are so many things that go into “getting faster” besides running faster on the track. As a hurdler, there is a lot of technique involved, so I… [read more]

Getting in shape after having a baby

Lashinda, I am a 26 year old athlete who is pregnant. How did you start practicing after the birth of your twin boys? Did you start running miles or did you jump right back on the track? – Nadine Nadine, thanks for asking that question. I bet there is not one woman who is or… [read more]

Inspiring Words:

Inspirational Quote: Femininity

  "I don't think being an athlete is unfeminine. I think of it as a kind of grace." - … [read more]

Inspirational Quote: Feminism

"Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the … [read more]

Inspirational Quote on the Meaning of Life

"Money comes and goes. When you pass away it's about what you've done to make this world a better … [read more]

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