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Why I Hired a Life Coach

Please Support the Lashinda Demus Foundation

I’ve been a professional track and field athlete for ten years now. It wasn’t until having my twin sons that I realized how important it is to give back to the community and also to set an example of promoting and participating in philanthrophy, which I believe we are all obligated to do, no matter to what… [read more]

Lashinda Demus on American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior, Here I Come!

Some exciting news, if you haven’t heard already – tonight I’m competing in the Venice Beach prelim for American Ninja Warrior! This is something that came out of nowhere it seems – one day I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline, and the next thing I know I’m receiving a direct message in my Twitter inbox… [read more]

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Spotlight on our Future

Inspirational stories from women overcoming adversity

My Name is Hydia Clark, and I Am No Longer SILENT

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Hydia Clark, a 17-year-old high school senior for our Go Woman Go Future Spotlight Series. Life sure can throw you some curves balls. At the age of five, my biggest worry was a new Barbie Doll or the latest new Brat Doll coming out; I had no… [read more]

Getting into college - applications and admissions process

Getting into your dream college isn’t just about your grades

I had high aspirations as a high schooler and was determined to do whatever it would take to reach my goals. My dream schools were UCLA and USC, two very competitive and prestigious universities that were right in my own backyard in Los Angeles. I listened to the advice I was given and took honors and… [read more]

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GO Woman GO! Pursuing your Career

Difference between good and great coaching

On Coaching and Trust: What Separates Good from Great

It’s really sad, but we just don’t see many female coaches in track and field. So when people find out that my mother is my coach, they’re amazed not only at our relationship dynamic (mother-daughter, coach-athlete) but also at her being a woman. One thing that bothers me is when other coaches put down female coaches and discourage athletes,… [read more]

Mae Jemison on the Endeavor

Mae Jemison: Breaking Free from the Slavery of Normal

I love reading about famous women in history who have rocked the boat and defied the boundaries and limits society tries to put on them. For Black History Month, I want to talk about an incredible woman I didn’t even know about until I saw her picture and description on someone’s Instagram page last week.… [read more]

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Empowering Thoughts:

Drake and Skylar Diggins at the ESPY's

The ESPY’s got me thinking about feminism and women’s sports

I took part in the ESPY’s activities and awards ceremony this year, and it was a great reminder of how many inspiring athletes there are these days. It’s so moving to see the difficult obstacles athletes have overcome; it’s a great night to acknowledge their grit and determination, their dedication and sacrifices, their accomplishments and achievements. Sitting in… [read more]

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Inspiring Words:

Inspirational Quotes: Taking Action

"There is one thing in this world that has the ability to change our whole life in an instant. IT'S … [read more]

Boldness has genius power and magic in it

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." - … [read more]

Maya Angelou

In honor of the late poet, activist and phenomenal woman Maya Angelou, who passed away on May 28, … [read more]

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