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Times change and so do people. This has been a year of change and evolution for me, in more ways than one. 2013 was my ninth year under contract with Nike, and it was the end of my current contract with them. Iโ€™ve been with the company since 2004, and I would never go back and change anything about that. The feeling of having the top shoe company in the world pick me as a representative of their brand is incomparable. I loved their gear and shoes and still do, and I will always be a part of the Nike family.

However, I think now is the perfect time to partner with a company that shares my vision of being an influence as a female athlete. I want to be a part of a grand movement, and make a major impact in that movement, and with Nike I felt lost in the shuffle of all of the other great athletes on their roster. Despite my performances on the track, my voice and my will felt stifled. I am meant to inspire, with track and field as my platform, not my ultimate destination. But when clouds cover the rainbow, my talent and story, itโ€™s hard to shout through it all and reach the people Iโ€™m trying to connect with.

With a vision to empower others in my mind and heart, I have decided to pursue sponsorship and partnership with a company that not only shares a passion for running and competition, but also a desire to make an impact on others, and on the world.

I took the first major step, launching a couple months ago. I wanted to show the world that I am serious about my vision and my plans beyond competing on the track. My hand is extended. Please reach yours out to me if you want to embark on this journey together! Letโ€™s make a difference.

Reach out to me at

Lashinda Demus

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  1. kelly willie says

    GREAT JOB!!! I am confident that you will make your dreams a reality. I felt your passion though your words and if there is anything I can do even if its as simple as a encouraging word my family and I are here for you.

  2. says

    Wow, very well stated. Just goes to show that bigger (Nike) is not better.
    That said, Lashinda, how about Lululemon? They might be just the fit for you, for your message, and for us to help promote track & field to yound women. While Lulu is known for yoga gear, they have now branched out into running: you could be the spark that gets them into #TrackAndField

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