Lashinda Demus is someone who is looking into youth sports as she said that she wants to have something safe, fun and fair. Lashinda Demus is an American hurdler who specialises in 400-meter hurdles who has won 2011 world champion and was 2012 silver Olympic medalist. She has set many records from holding a 400m hurdles race record and is currently 4th fastest women of all time.

Demus started her journey from the 2004 Olympics where she and her team time Sheena Johnson were running at the same time. In 2009 World Championship in Athletics she improved the time with their 52.63 seconds at the Herculis meeting in July where she made a world record for the fourth time.

She told that as a mother to 11-year-old twins it is essential that they understand the importance of a fair game which will allow them to ear their very own fun and focused games. She said that she is very competitive and want to put that image on her children to reflect and grow from. There are a lot of approaches one can take from being a mom from teaching them sports to the living within the sports, which can be different when it comes to teaching.

She says although they are not athletes, she speaks from the perspective of a mom who wants to instil the importance of sportsmanship into them. She also went on to say that they have a natural ability to keep track of the winnings in a sport which is way around the sixth grade.


She brings in her mom, where she puts it a badge of honour that she taught me the things I need to know right away, which allowed them to say and grow with herself with hard work. She found her stride on the track and field when she was in sophomore where she broke her schools record in 300-meter hurdles which for 16 years is not broken.

Later she went on at the University of South Carolina; she helped her team win the forts championship that broke American records in 400-meter hurdles in 2011. Demus believes that athletes need to have equal playing fields for all the young athletes, which will create a society for entitlement. They are kids who expect things to come to them, which is not how life treats people.

Through sports and career was I allowed to dream big, she said, and with her competitive nature and hard work it paid off. It is important to understand that as a kid, one needs to work on integrity, hard work and perseverance, which comes tolerance. She encourages parents to remember that no matter the level of capabilities of a child, there are many games to win.