Thanks for asking that question. I bet there is not one woman who is or ever has been pregnant that didn’t worry about getting back into shape post-delivery! This is one of the toughest parts of having a baby and is the reason some women are afraid to get pregnant and have kids.

I’m here to tell you the honest truth:

1. It’s not easy to get back in shape after pregnancy.

2. Your body will never be 100% the same.

3. You are about to discover just how incredibly amazing your body really is.

I carried my twin boys for eight months, which is a long time to carry twins. I delivered them via C-section, the aftermath of which was much more painful than I expected. I really thought I would be able to just hop up and go out the door and start jogging again, which I tried about four weeks after giving birth, but my body said “NOOOOO!!” My mom had come out to South Carolina to stay with me for a couple of months, and I remember her saying, “Okay, you can’t run? That’s fine, we will walk. Let’s walk fast!”

So my mom and I went on walks the first week back. After a major surgery like that, I don’t think you should be pushing through pain, so we walked at a pace where I felt no pain. Each week after that, I progressed. Six weeks after delivery, I was jogging, but REALLY slowly. Eventually I was running actual workouts again, but my mom was beating me! Now she was a track star in her day, but still I felt so slow, like “I am NEVER going to get back! You’re beating me, I am SO slow!!” And she would say, “No, I am telling you! Something is going to happen, and it is going to click, I’m telling you. You just can’t quit! You HAVE to keep going!”