Moms are extraordinary women who try to bring out the best in themselves and their kids when everything is not. There are many inspiring women who have given us some of the most motivation this year, and one among them is Lashinda Demus. She is an American Athlete who holds the world records at 400-meter hurdles run. After she gave birth, she was seen back on tracks in six short weeks.

She was training and getting back to her athlete shape. She takes after her mom Yolanda Demus who was also a former NCAA 400 meter champion in California State University in Los Angeles. Lashinda is now a full-time mom, wife and Olympic medalist. There is a lot that happens after a woman gives birth and Lashinda wanted to bring that to the table when she returned.

She said that the doctors generally advice to let your body heal for more than six weeks but she said she started training in four which was not pleasant. This is because she had to get used to her new body where everything had changed and was not working as it used to. In her practice, there was a lot of special attention put on how the body reacts to the stress.


She also revealed that she faced depression while she was pregnant; it was more like a mixed emotion which was released. It helped me snap out of it and realise that I am getting the family that he wanted. This is the place where he did not have to choose between her career and being a mother. Both the pressure brought changes in life when it comes to thinking. She says this brings her closer to her family, which include kids, husband, her mom and the coach.

She adds that after the hard work which went into giving birth and training, it was worth it standing on the podium in Berlin. It was amazing to see the fruitful results, which made everything even more beautiful. This has given me confidence about the legacy that I am leaving for her kids. This is one which will inspire the kids to do better in whatever they choose.

She said that her growth of transforming into an athlete started in school and college, which later started her professional career. Her mothers used to have a professional career which allowed me to track her growth into the person she has become today. Sports brought discipline into her life, and from a very young age, she realised that the coach tries to make sure that the best is on the table and is the reason she is where she stands.