We are all well aware of the recent events in Ferguson that have sparked an uproar surrounding police brutality and racial discrimination. I’ve watched the news practically every day since the day Michael Brown was murdered, and it is disheartening. This is a touchy subject to talk about, but I believe that for things to change at all, it begins with a conversation.

I have friends of different races, and I don’t think that’s uncommon these days. But while it may be easy for us to overlook the racial tension in America on a daily basis, it clearly still exists. No matter how far some of the country has come, the problem is still a big one.

What can we do to fix it?

So often we look to political or community leaders to figure out a solution – trust me, I watched the news waiting for some solutions to be proposed! But we have to hold ourselves accountable as well. We may not all be part of the problem, but we can be part of the solution.

As I watched the events unfold in Ferguson, I thought a lot about how someone could get to the point where he or she is so disconnected from another human being that something like this could happen. I thought about my childhood and the people I interacted with and how that affected my view of other people and of the world. I realized how much of a social impact sports had on my life; how much of an equalizer it was for me and the other children I played with.